Sai (saizai) wrote in ucb_lcs,

1st Annual UCB Conlangs Convention - planning

So. I'd like to hold a con sometime this semester.

What needs to be planned:

* When?

It would need to be on a weekend of course - Saturday afternoon perhaps? The question is, which one between now and June - what would work best for the most people?

* Where?

The MLK Student Center is probably the best place, since the ASUC should be able to reserve us as much conference space as we might need for free (I think).

* What?

I'd say a pretty standard 'con format is in order: a succession of speakers on various topics, with breaks inbetween for people to talk and some time for food and such.

* Who?

This is obviously going to be based on just how big an interest / audience we can manage to draw. If this will be only Bay Area locals, then it'll probably be more of a big club meeting type event - in which case a better format would probably be to grab a bunch of space in a decent pizza joint for a few hours and be a bit more freeform. If we have bigger draw, that means more likelihood to get more (interesting) speakers. Which in turn means we can have a more structured format.

Need to make a list of who is a) local and b) potential to come even if not local, and what they might talk about.

* Costs?

Room fees, if any (probably not). Food and drink. Someone to do recording, and DV tapes for it. (I can get the equipment for free.) Possibly speaker fees - transport, lodging - if we have enough people and enough potential funds to merit paying someone to come talk.

I have no idea what that would total, but the ASUC probably has done this sort of thing before and can give us ballparks. Will probably be heavily dependent on number of attendees.

If possible, should make it free, minimal-fee, or sliding-scale to attend. Conlanging isn't exactly a profitable hobby after all...

SO: Do you have any answers to these questions? Interested in attending? In being a speaker (on what topic)? In helping to plan or carry this out? In spreading the word? Let me know.
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