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T-shirts & other conference gear

Here's how to order your very own conference gear. The page for this on the website should be updated soon (once Ellen has some time free), but I'm telling y'all now.

We have two shops - CafePress and Zazzle. CafePress has some mugs, stickers, and buttons. Zazzle has a bunch of shirts and some stamps. [Note - the stamps have to get approved for content, so they may take a few days to show up in the Zazzle shop.]

Zazzle offers lower prices and more customizability than CafePress. You can modify your shirts in various ways - e.g. change the text on the back (or the font), the colors, etc.

CafePress -
Zazzle -* <- Yes, with a star - adding it means we magically get 70% more royalty, so please keep it there if you post a link.

You have two options to buy:

1. Order it yourself, to your own address, via CafePress and/or Zazzle. Nice and easy, but no bulk discount.

2. IF it is a Zazzle item, AND you will be at the conference, AND it is currently before April 13th - you can order it through me using PayPal.

Go through the steps of checking it out the normal way, until Zazzle gives you the "subtotal" - i.e. including estimated shipping cost and any quantity discounts on your own number of items. Subtract 8%, and PayPal that amount to me using the form on the website. Be sure to note EXACTLY what you want in the text fields - i.e. which item, what size, what color and type of shirt, and any customizations you want. (E.g.: "gold on dark t-shirt, navy blue, adult L, no customization".)

This will net you the 8% (plus not having to pay the tax) discount. (E.g. that shirt would normally cost you $28.43+tax; via this option, it'd be $24.09. Two would be $49.62, or $48.63 via this.)

Don't order more than one "item" through paypal - those fields are just for your convenience to describe what you want. Just make it one lump sum payment.

You can of course still order Zazzle items yourself directly; this just provides a way for them to be bulk ordered without having to guess at how much to stock, etc.

Hopefully that's clear enough. If you want any more options to choose from in terms of design, please let me and/or Ellen know, and we'll try to add 'em.


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