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LCS Constitution


This organization shall be known as the Language Creation Society (LCS).

ARTICLE II – Purpose.

The purpose of the LCS is to encourage and enable the creation, planning, discussion, design, implementation, and dissemination of intentionally created languages, and to support the Conlangs DE-Cal in doing the same.

ARTICLE III –Membership

LCS policy shall be to not restrict membership or discriminate on any basis whatsoever other than interest in constructed languages and ability/desire to participate in the LCS in a positive manner. Non-students may join as "non-active members".

Only currently registered students, faculty and staff may be active members in a registered student organization. Only active members may vote or hold office.

The LCS will not be involved in any violation of Berkeley, California or Federal law, including hazing.

ARTICLE IV - Officers/Elections

There shall be no officers nor elections held, nor any intra-group distinction between members other than Signatory status.

Any member may, if they wish, become a Signatory for the LCS, by filling out the OSL form & orientation online. Any decision or action the LCS makes must be agreed upon by the majority of Signatories, and this is the only LCS requirement to taking that decision/action; this agreement need not be in writing. With that agreement, any Signatory may carry out those decisions/actions.

Members, including Signatories, may be removed only if they are an active detriment to the LCS, by the agreement of a majority of Signatories.

ARTICLE V – Meetings

The LCS will meet on an ad hoc basis. Any decisions that require multiple members' input may be done via email or other communication.

Every meeting of the Conlangs DE-Cal will also be a de facto meeting of the LCS, for so long as the two continue to exist.

The LCS may arrange other meetings or events for members as desired.

ARTICLE VI - Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional amendments may be undertaken like any other decision by the LCS - i.e. Signatory majority.

In no event may the purpose or membership non-discrimination policy of the LCS be changed significantly.

All amendments, additions or deletions must be filed with the Office of Student Life, 102 Sproul Hall, and the ASUC Office of Student Affairs, 400 Eshleman Hall within one week of adoption.

ARTICLE VII – Dissolution

A 2/3 supermajority of Signatory votes may dissolve the LCS. Any funds remaining in the LCS will be returned to the contributors thereof. All unspent ASUC funds shall remain the property of ASUC.
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