Sai (saizai) wrote in ucb_lcs,

Room availability

Looks like the Tilden Room (and the Tan Oak and Stephens Lounge rooms also) are free on April 23rd, but taken on the 22nd.

Actually, every single room has been reserved on the 22nd by the Cal Day people.

This is a bit of a complication, since April 22-23 is the only plausible weekend for the conference. If it is Sunday-only, then this is OK... but I'm probably going to have to try to convince the Cal Day people to give up one of the rooms. (Preferrably the Tilden Room - it's on the roof (so not in each others' way), seats up to 100 in lecture layout (fewer with tables and such), and is really really pretty.)

So, mrr.

Other room reservation options for the conference are pretty limited. Classrooms and meeting rooms are all either too small or not very conference-friendly (i.e. auditoria). Only other potentials I can think of are the Lipman Room; the I-House conference rooms; and the Heller Lounge. The first two would cost $$$. Heller is in MLK, but evidently run by some other group? I'm not sure what's up with it exactly; will inquire.

That's about it. We'll see how it works out.

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