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Conference Planning: Next steps

The LCS should be an officially active student group within a week, so that part's done.

Next is funding. In order to do that, I need a projected budget for the conference - which means having some idea of how long it will be, how many speakers, how much it'd cost to get said speakers, cost of food, tech, etc. It doesn't have to be exact, but I need at least a ballpark line-item budget in order to apply for ASUC sponsorship / grants. And I'll need ASUC sponsorship in order to make a good pitch to businesses to help sponsor the event (e.g. it'd let us come under the ASUC umbrella as far as tax is concerned... which means sponsoring us would be a tax-deductible donation to a nonprofit).

There are about four ASUC grants I'll want to apply to - separate from the ASUC sponsorship.

$ cap from ASUC sponsorship is ~$200 this year; ~$1000 from the grants. I don't know if this could be doubled if, e.g., SLUGS decided to co-sponsor the event.

There's also the potential for departmental funding - it seems unlikely that I'll get much if any from Linguistics (though it'll be up to the new acting department chair, whom I've yet to talk to); I don't know yet about CogSci, but I've emailed the appropriate people about that, so we'll see how it goes.

Last but definitely not least as far as cash goes is businesses etc. I should be able to get donations of food, possibly gear, possibly even straight cash in return for 'presence' (e.g. an ad in the program flyer). Will need to look into that and figure out whom to talk to about it. It also raises the possibility of getting donations for a raffle or similar.

I should be able to get tech support (video recording, mics, maybe videoconferencing / webcast, etc) from the ETS people at Cal - though I don't know if they'd do it for free, or if I'd have to find funding for it. Not cheap, if they'll be charging us their 'regular' prices.

The room will be free - the OSL can give us space in the MLK building (including the Lipman Ballroom on the top floor, which'd be more than big enough for any size conference we could have - or smaller rooms elsewhere in it).

So, that's funding pragmatics.

The contingent point, of course, is figuring out who to have on as speakers, for how long, what breaks, what topics, etc. I've sent out calls for speakers (and some specific ones to some of the more well-known conlangers, and a couple non-conlangers who I think would have interesting things to say anyway). So far, I've not been doing any pre-filtering on how many people to ask - I figure I'll do that once I know who's available and what they would be interested in talking about (and how much it'd cost to get them here).

I've just sent out the call-for-speakers and pre-registration form to the lists I know, and asked the departmental people in CogSci and Linguistics at Cal to forward 'em to the full department-affiliates lists (faculty, students, alumni); we'll see what comes of that.

And lastly, I'll probably be tabling on Sproul at some point over the next couple weeks - both for the LCS / conference, and the DE-Cal (which, btw, is showing a nicely growing level of signups).

I think that's about it for now. Per usual, if anyone has suggestions, comments, or offers of aid - contact me.

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