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Language Creation Society @ UCB
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in UC Berkeley Language Creation Society's LiveJournal:

Saturday, April 29th, 2006
9:10 am
[Conlangs-Conf] First Language Creation Conference videos are live!


They're taking a disproportionate amount of time to approve one of the videos (Pearson's), but I didn't want to wait. Just check back at the same URL for it in X hours/days and it'll be there.

It doesn't seem to be terribly smart about sorting by title, but if you want to watch them in order, they're numbered.

Interviews and the archive.org 720x NTSC version are not yet up. Wait another week or two for that.

DVD version is on hold pending someone from the ZBB having a crack at the original tapes. Contact me in early July for that.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
12:34 am
Volunteers needed!
Hello everyone.

I am in need of volunteers - more people, in fact, than listed themselves on the program, so I'm sending this to all of you. Below are the things I will need people to do.

If you can do any of these, please reply to this email with just the cropped list of things you CAN do. I'll assign people to tasks once I have enough to fill everything.

If we don't have enough volunteers to have one task per person, then we'll just have to have more than one per. This is a case of more hands = lighter work. :-P

All morning volunteers (other than those busy picking things up) will need to assemble at 8 AM at the front of MLK. Doors will open at 8:30, but we need to start setup earlier than that; most of it can be started as soon as we get bodies on the ground, and the sooner the better.

I will help out with all of these of course, but my main job will be to stay at the conference, field questions, direct everyone, and handle emergencies (hopefully we have few!). I can only be in one place at one time (I'm not *that* advanced at meditation), and there's a lot of stuff to get done - so please help out!

As an extra inducement: all volunteers get one entry into the raffle, currently consisting of 4 cards for a free regular smoothie at Jamba Juice, and 2 gift certificates to Smart Alec's.


MORNING SETUP: (19-25 people)
* Make & post signs (giving directions, nearest bathroom, etc - to post all over the conference building) - 2-4 people
* Get equipment to Tilden (need 3-4 people in decent shape)
* Set up equipment (3-4 people capable of wiring together cameras, speakers, a mixer, etc - preferrably one savvy person in charge and others to help)
* Setup registration table (cashbox, registration tags, physical setup) - 1-2 people
* Move & setup flag & banners on 2nd floor balcony (1-2 people, one preferrably with tough gloves [motorcycle, gardening, work gloves etc] or tough hands, to handle the wire rope on the flagpole)
* Pickup food from Noah's (1 block down) at 8:30 AM - 3 people
* Pickup coffee from Starbucks before 8:30 AM - 1 person, must have car
* Pickup food from Andronico's - ditto; would use a gift cert & shopping list picked up there or from me
* Pickup food from Berkeley Bowl - ditto
* Setup food at Tilden - lay out food, plates, knives, etc - 2 people
* Emergency Gopher - 1 person with a car & cellphone willing to go immediately to pick up any miscellaneous supplies that turn out to be necessary, any time before or during the conference (hopefully not needed, but need to have someone on standby just in case)

* Man registration desk - need 2-3 people (Anna?) who can handle cash & checks, write name tags in pretty / legible handwriting, add identifying dots as appropriate (e.g. registered, speakers, volunteers), and record all transactions.
* General gopher - 2 people for taking care of any miscellaneous tasks that may crop up during the conference
* Question-answering - 2 people familiar with the area to answer any questions people have (e.g. where are bathrooms, parking, ATMs, etc etc)

DURING CONFERENCE: (11-15 people)
* Run videocamera - preferrably one person for the whole time (for stylistic continuity), to run the video camera, make sure it's pointed and zoomed correctly, aim at audience members asking questions and back at the speaker for the answer, swap tapes about once an hour (timed to be between talks), etc. 2-3 people in shifts if noone's willing to take it for the whole time.
* Man registration desk - need 1-2 people to handle any latecomers
* Field audience questions / mic gopher - one person at a time, but enough people (or people doing it long enough) to have one person on duty all the time - to get the wireless stick mic to any audience member asking a question, and possibly to collate & pick out questions if there are too many to fit everyone
* Pick up food from Smart Alec's (1 block down) at 11:45 sharp - 4 people (will miss part of last talk)
* Set up lunch (same as earlier) - 2 people
* General gophers - 2 people

EVENING TAKEDOWN: (16-23 people)
* Checkout - opinion book, emails, etc - 2-3 people to handle people leaving, make sure that everyone has filled out and submitted the feedback forms, give directions as needed
* Cleanup - 6-10 people to handle all miscellaneous cleanup - take down banners & signs, dispose of all food or related waste, etc etc.
* Equipment takedown - 2-3 people to disassemble all equipment and prepare it for moving back into storage
* Move equipment to Dwinelle locker - 3-4 people to ferry it back to storage
* Runners - 3 fast people willing to skip part of the last talk, to go to different nearby restaurants and report back to me on how much free space they have (which one to take over for the 'afterparty' will probably be a last-minute decision based on the answers)
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
9:30 pm
Meetups & other info
Hello everyone.

1. The Saturday meetup will be at Long Life Vegi House at 2129 University Ave. (@ Shattuck), at 4 PM. They serve lunch specials until 5 pm (full meal for $5), vegetarian fakemeat, and real seafood. Metered parking is available in the area, and is free after 6 PM.

Location is very near the Downtown Berkeley BART and lots of different bus lines. Google it, or use TripPlanner (http://transit.511.org/tripplanner/index.asp).

It's right next to the Domino's Pizza, and a couple stores down from the hardware store.

PLEASE RSVP FOR THE SATURDAY MEETUP! I need to tell them exactly how many people to expect - and there's a big difference in seating between 15 and 40 people showing up!

2. The Friday meetup will be at Cafe Milano, 2522 Bancroft Way (@ Telegraph), also at 4 PM. They serve basically your usual cafe fare. Can't comment on the coffee, since I don't drink it, but it's rated pretty decently (and cheap).


3. Video interviews will be done on Saturday either before the meetup (anytime from 1:30-4), or as a step-away. (Preferrably the former.)

PLEASE RSVP WITH A SPECIFIC TIME WINDOW, preferrably from 1-4 PM Saturday or Friday, if you want to be interviewed on camera!

4. During the event itself, William Richard, morning news producer and radio host at Berkeley's KALX (http://kalx.berkeley.edu/), will be conducting audio interviews (recognizable by the DAT recorder, mic, headphones, and stentorian voice). Flag him down if you're interested in participating.

All interview material will be used as you specifically allow us to (we'll ask). My intent is that it be used e.g. for posting online, possibly for responsible radio or TV shows (NPR perhaps?), and for general documentary purposes.

Questions asked will be the usual things, as I mentioned earlier. If you have something to say about conlanging, or IN your conlang, this is your opportunity. ;-)

5. Rideshares

If anyone is coming from, or passing through, Davis CA, please let me know - I've got one person there without transport who would like to come.

If anyone else needs a ride, please let me know and I'll send out a request.

6. For everything conference-related, LOOK FOR THE CONLANG FLAG!

I will be present at both meetups with an actual flag on a pole, so that should be pretty easily recognized. Conference signs (which wil be posted on MLK) will also bear the stylized flag design as used in the T-shirts

That's all for now.
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
12:07 am
T-shirts & other conference gear

Here's how to order your very own conference gear. The page for this on the website should be updated soon (once Ellen has some time free), but I'm telling y'all now.

We have two shops - CafePress and Zazzle. CafePress has some mugs, stickers, and buttons. Zazzle has a bunch of shirts and some stamps. [Note - the stamps have to get approved for content, so they may take a few days to show up in the Zazzle shop.]

Zazzle offers lower prices and more customizability than CafePress. You can modify your shirts in various ways - e.g. change the text on the back (or the font), the colors, etc.

CafePress - http://www.cafepress.com/conlangs
Zazzle - http://zazzle.com/conlangs* <- Yes, with a star - adding it means we magically get 70% more royalty, so please keep it there if you post a link.

You have two options to buy:

1. Order it yourself, to your own address, via CafePress and/or Zazzle. Nice and easy, but no bulk discount.

2. IF it is a Zazzle item, AND you will be at the conference, AND it is currently before April 13th - you can order it through me using PayPal.

Go through the steps of checking it out the normal way, until Zazzle gives you the "subtotal" - i.e. including estimated shipping cost and any quantity discounts on your own number of items. Subtract 8%, and PayPal that amount to me using the form on the website. Be sure to note EXACTLY what you want in the text fields - i.e. which item, what size, what color and type of shirt, and any customizations you want. (E.g.: "gold on dark t-shirt, navy blue, adult L, no customization".)

This will net you the 8% (plus not having to pay the tax) discount. (E.g. that shirt would normally cost you $28.43+tax; via this option, it'd be $24.09. Two would be $49.62, or $48.63 via this.)

Don't order more than one "item" through paypal - those fields are just for your convenience to describe what you want. Just make it one lump sum payment.

You can of course still order Zazzle items yourself directly; this just provides a way for them to be bulk ordered without having to guess at how much to stock, etc.

Hopefully that's clear enough. If you want any more options to choose from in terms of design, please let me and/or Ellen know, and we'll try to add 'em.


Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
3:08 pm
First Language Creation Conference

First Language Creation Conference
UC Berkeley - MLK 5th Floor - 23 April 2006 9am-5pm
Tickets $5-25 as able (no one refused for lack of funds)


What Is the 1st Language Creation Conference?
The Conference is a set of talks and panel discussions about various issues related to language creation, from several different perspectives. It includes both fairly academic linguistic discussions as well as more general sociological ones; voices from many parts of the conlanging community; and people from all over America. The conference is open to the public; preregistration requested. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

What Is Language Creation?
Language creation (or "conlanging" -- "conlang" is short for "constructed language") is the process of inventing and (usually) describing a new language. Though the extent to which a language is created varies, creators might include sound systems, grammars, and writing systems for their languages. Some creators are also interested in cosmogenesis: the creation of cultures and worlds in which their languages are used.

What's the Point?
People create constructed languages for a number of reasons. Artistic languages are often included in fictional works: for example, Tolkien's Quenya in The Lord of the Rings or Klingon in Star Trek. International auxiliary languages (auxlangs) are intended for communication between people of different native languages, usually to prevent one being elevated over others or to making learning easier; some famous examples are Esperanto, Ido, and Interlingua. Logical and philosophical languages are used to test linguistic (and other) theories; Loglan and Lojban are well-known examples of the former, and Suzette Haden Elgin's Láadan is an example of the latter -- which she incorporated into the Native Tongue series of novels.

Doug Ball: "Conlanging and the Linear Aspects of Syntax"
Sally Caves: "The Medium and the Internet Conlanger: Vision, Venue, and Play"
John Clifford: "Semantic Primes: aUI to Esperanto with Stops Along the Way"
Sai Emrys: "Non-Linear Fully 2-Dimensional Writing Systems"
Don Harlow: "The Use of Conlangs for Creativity"
Matt Pearson: "Case, Aspect, and Argument Structure: One Conlanger's Investigations"
David Peterson: "Down with Morphemes: What Word and Paradigm Morphology Can Teach Us"
John Quijada: "Applying Concepts from Cognitive Linguistics to Your Conlang"

Conlang Teaching; Conlang Aesthetics; The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and Its Implications

Sponsored by ASUC & Language Creation Society. Wheelchair accessible.


Print-ready version of this flyer at http://conlangs.berkeley.edu/flyer.pdf

Please forward this to all relevant mailing lists, message boards, or people you know. Thanks!

Monday, March 6th, 2006
9:41 am
FLCC website design drafts
Courtesy of Ellen, we'll have a website! Here are two drafts of the design. Please leave feedback if you have comments about how to edit it, which you prefer, etc.

FLCC website version 1 FLCC website version 2
FLCC website version 1

FLCC website version 2

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
1:19 am
Funding & structural update

I spoke to my senator and showed up at the meeting briefly, and successfully got a "best of both" scenario going.

$300 will be in a ASUC Events fund - spendable by reimbursement only, reimbursed after the event, with the full limitations.

$150 will be in the LCS account itself, spendable by normal ASUC restrictions (no food). Not sure if this part is restricted re honoraria etc. Any printing has to bear ASUC logo and state wheelchair accessibility (it is).

This means that the LCS is now a ASUC sponsored student group, which means that we will have an ASUC account and be able to accept donations via the ASUC's nonprofit tax ID. Also removes most of the weirdness/complications from the previous (allornone) scenario I outlined). All donations go to the LCS itself, spendable as decided (NSA) - much easier to deal with. Wouldn't even need to be reimbursement-only AFAIK, since it's "our" money we can spend it as desired. Dunno if I can write checks directly on the LCS account though; probably not, but I'll find out.

I'll need to have a meeting with one of the other signatories and the ASUC finances person to go over how accounts work, how to take donations, etc; will update when I know that procedure.

Still waiting on the outcome of the second grant request.

One issue though is that the $450 *is* reimbursement-only money, and $300 of it only can be reimbursed *after* the conference. I'm not really flush enough to be able to just take that debt on myself comfortably. :-/ So, I'm not sure what to do about it. This would be even more so if it turns out that LCS funds are also reimbursement-only; it'd leave me having to carry debt while the reimbursement process goes through, and probably from my checking account rather than credit - which isn't really practicable.

I'll have to bring this up with our financial advisor and see about the pragmatics of it, but if it's feasible on my end - anyone willing to loan the LCS a few hundred for a couple months - just long enough for the event to finish and reimbursements to go through? I have no idea how this would work though; not sure if it'd be more juggling than it's worth.

FWIW: I've gotten several offers of donations lately - thanks! Pledged donations so far total $635. That puts us definitely within reachable range of at least breaking even. I'll be updating everyone with details on how to send the money (and get tickets in advance) soon.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
12:20 pm
FLCC T-shirt Contest entries
Update 3/5: added Ellen's entries
Update 3/5 #2: added Ellen's color versions & 2 backs
Update 3/5 #3: added Ellen's versions for black backgrounds

Roger's entry #1 Roger's entry #2
Roger's entry #1

Roger's entry #2

Roger's entry #2 back Roger's entry #3
Roger's entry #2 back

Roger's entry #3

Roger's entry #1 back taliesin's entry #1
Roger's entry #1 back

taliesin's entry #1

taliesin's entry #2 Marikochan's entry #1
taliesin's entry #2

Ellen's entry #1

Ellen's entry #2 Ellen's entry #3
Ellen's entry #2

Ellen's entry #3

Ellen's entry #4 Ellen's entry #5
Ellen's entry #4

Ellen's entry #5

Ellen's entry back #1 Ellen's entry back #2
Ellen's entry back #1

Ellen's entry back #2

Ellen's entry #6 (for black t-shirts) Ellen's entry #7 (for black t-shirts)
Ellen's entry #6 (for black t-shirts)

Ellen's entry #7 (for black t-shirts)

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
12:28 am
Funding update, request for help
I just concluded my meeting with the ASUC financial committee (am still in senate chambers even).

I was expecting to get $200 (the normal cap for a 1st year group), asked for $2500, and got $450.

The catch: funds cannot be used for food/drinks, tech, or honoraria (which are $1745 of the $2535 budget). Those will need to be covered by grants or other funding. (It does cover goods like plates and such though, oddly.) I'll also need to come back next week for a fee waiver on the Tilden room, but that should be automatic and is assumed in the budget already.

Offered donations so far total $385 above door fees. I have gotten one $300 grant, and am waiting on decision on the second. Assuming >30 people attending paying the low door fee of $5, that makes for another $150 - for a total of $1285 funded so far.

That means we have $1250 to make up, or $590 without food. Part of that should be covered by the second grant, but it's still a significant gap.

It's possible that SLUgS could duplicate my efforts and request both ASUC sponsorship and grants, but they seem to be inactive this semester - I've not heard anything from them, nor any response to emails. (I wonder if I could just take over the group? It's just an organizational skeleton without members, and should be possible to simply sign up as its signatories and thus gain control of it...)

Lastly, the budget is intended to be a conservative one. Some line items may turn out costing less than budgeted for. (Honoraria, if speakers can get outside funding for their travel expenses or if the $200 honoraria contingency turns out to not be needed; and food, if donated or gotten for <$600 food & drink for all.) Some might go over though - printing costs, etc. I've not budgeted for T-shirts, but hopefully that will be a profit item or at least break even. I also forgot to budget for advertising (flyers and the like), so that comes out of contingency fund.

So, the rest needs to come from other sources... businesses, departmental funding, maybe (?) something from Ethnic Studies, higher attendance / door fee committments (a more optimistic projection of 45 people x $15 would increase funds by $500), other donors, etc.

What this means for you:
1. Please email Chairs / Professors Kihlstrom (CogSci) and Inkelas (Linguistics) and ask them to help sponsor this event. They will probably be more responsive to academic "pitches", especially ones that show how it would benefit the standing of the department, the university, or if it would argue for an increase/decrease in undergrad / graduate major enrollment (which directly hits their pocketbook).
"Sharon Inkelas" <inkelas@berkeley.edu>,
"John F. Kihlstrom" <jfkihlstrom@berkeley.edu>,

2. If you know any businesses or individuals willing to donate money or supplies - please pitch them on my behalf and CC me. Perhaps another university (or student group?) would be willing to help fund this? Obviously, sponsorship is exchangeable for advertising space / acknowledgements in the program / flyers / etc or similar considerations.

Stuff that could be donated:
* food
* drinks
* copy costs
* tech (see below for needs - highest costs are digital projector, camcorder, and spare laptop)

I've copied the budget below, in case it is of interest. It should be tab & CRLF delimited - just paste into a table / spreadsheet for prettiness.

Ask me if you have questions.

 - Sai

BudgetCollapse )
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
7:22 pm
Status update
The LCS is now a fully registered & official student group (thanks to David Peterson & William McPherson).

I have submitted applications for two grants and ASUC sponsorship; it should take approx. two weeks to resolve both.

The "normal" limits are $500 per for grants and $200 for sponsorship - but these can be waived, and I intend to request that that happen. The grants and sponsorship come out of completely separate parts of the ASUC budget.

Once the ASUC sponsorship goes through, we should be able to begin pitching businesses in earnest (with nonprofit tax ID in hand etc).

I have an almost certain reservation for the Tilden Room on April 23rd (Sunday) - beautiful room, seats up to 100, on the roof of the MLK building. (See http://asuc-aux.berkeley.edu/tilden.html for pics and details.) It will probably cost some amount in building manager fees; not sure if that can be covered by a fee waiver, but I've added it to the budget anyway.

April 22nd (Saturday, Cal Day) will be more difficult. So far, I have asked the ASUC and Heller Lounge people whether I can get reservations, and both are fully booked. Other options are relatively limited and expensive (~$300-700/day), but I'm looking into it.

Parking on the 22nd is free 'cause it's Cal Day, but likely to be fairly hard to obtain ('cause it's Cal Day). Reserving spaces costs $8 per for either day, which makes it not really financially worthwhile from an organizational standpoint - especially since bus service is thorough, and one can park freely about a dozen blocks away and take the bus to campus (this is what I do almost every day).

That's about all for now. If anyone cannot make April 23rd but CAN make the 22nd, please let me know ASAP; at this point, I am planning on the 23rd being the one-day-only date, and adding the 22nd if the schedule can be expanded to a full two days.
Monday, February 6th, 2006
8:43 pm
T-Shirt Design Contest
Taliesin suggested I make this into a contest, which is probably a good idea (it worked for the flag, ne?). So:

Submit to me or to CONLANG a design for T-shirts. This would probably also be used for the cover of the conference packet.

I am not sure if I can swing it at this point, but if I can: the winning designer gets a free one.

Feel free to incoporate the Conlang Flag, or to make up a name for the conference as you like. The official sponsor group is the Language Creation Society, which is only allowed to be referred to as a "berkeley campus group" (if at all referencing Berkeley). It has no logo at present; feel free to create one, or omit it that affiliation entirely, as you like. The one thing you can't include is any UC / Berkeley / Cal logo or trademark whatsoever - they're really picky about the use thereof.

Future conferences may or may not be held at UC Berkeley - there is some talk of a potential for its continuation elsewhere.
5:52 pm
Room availability

Looks like the Tilden Room (and the Tan Oak and Stephens Lounge rooms also) are free on April 23rd, but taken on the 22nd.

Actually, every single room has been reserved on the 22nd by the Cal Day people.

This is a bit of a complication, since April 22-23 is the only plausible weekend for the conference. If it is Sunday-only, then this is OK... but I'm probably going to have to try to convince the Cal Day people to give up one of the rooms. (Preferrably the Tilden Room - it's on the roof (so not in each others' way), seats up to 100 in lecture layout (fewer with tables and such), and is really really pretty.)

So, mrr.

Other room reservation options for the conference are pretty limited. Classrooms and meeting rooms are all either too small or not very conference-friendly (i.e. auditoria). Only other potentials I can think of are the Lipman Room; the I-House conference rooms; and the Heller Lounge. The first two would cost $$$. Heller is in MLK, but evidently run by some other group? I'm not sure what's up with it exactly; will inquire.

That's about it. We'll see how it works out.

Sunday, February 5th, 2006
3:03 pm
Speakers & topics
So far, I have eight almost-certain speakers and five potential ones. Included are:
Doug Ball; Sally Caves; Suzette Elgin (telepresence); Sai Emrys; Matt Pearson; David Peterson; Mark Shoulson; and John Quijada.

Topics on the program at present (very summarized & not at all complete!):
* word & paradigm morphology, applied
* LFG vs HPSG, applied
* conlanging & technology
* conlanging as 'play', 'work', 'craft', and 'art' (sociological perspective)
* non-linear full-2d writing systems - theory & potential technologies
* applying cognitive linguistics / cognitive science principles (frame semantics, metaphor, chunking, etc) to conlang design
* understanding and applying Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
* cosmogenesis as applied to language design (i.e. how culture and language interact, and how to design the two to mesh well & synergistically)
* Volapuk
* semantic primes across various conlangs

The date for the conference will be almost certainly April 22 and/or 23. Not certain yet whether it will be one day or two - pending more discussion amongst the speakers. Those dates are tentative inasmuch as I need to confirm that we can reserve space and tech for the event on those days; April 22nd is also Cal Day and as such will be a very active day on campus. I'll post more when I have confirmations.

If you are interested in attending or participating, and haven't yet sent me the PreReg form, please do so now - even if your plans are tentative at this point.

Also, I NEED HELP. Currently I am doing this entirely on my own. I would appreciate people to help with various aspects of the conference; particularly:

* 1-2 additional signatories (must be currently registered UCB students)

* soliciting sponsorship from businesses - local or otherwise [e.g. Intel, Apple, Mensa, Esperanto Society, KLI, etc.] - including e.g. cut-rate or fully donated food/drink, copies, tshirts, pins, flags, etc, as well as straight cash (I have a budget that can be shown to potential sponsors) - in return for campus "presence", & potentially ads in the conference materials

* assisting with setup the day(s) of the conference:
- transporting supplies (food, plates, tables, copies, etc) to and from the conference
- setting up the same
- making posterboards and banners - e.g. for the registration / intake table, a large butcherpaper banner or two for hanging outside to draw people in, signs to direct people within the conference, etc
- running the video camera(s)
- general assistance during talks - e.g. distributing papers, getting people the mic when they want to ask questions, etc
- answering general questions, e.g. where is the (bathroom / ATM / Sai / conference room / restaurant / clock / etc)
- running the registration table - sign people in, collect money if applicable, hand out nametags and conference material, etc
- directing/moderating individual panels - people interested in the topics and can ensure that all speakers play nice, stay on topic, keep the conversation moving, collect / filter audience questions, etc.

* T-shirt design

* pamphlet design - prettifying & organizing something that will include a schedule, attendees / speaker list w/ information & brief bios, a sketch map of the local area highlighting relevant bits (various banks' ATMs, local restaurants, bus stops / parking areas, etc)

* general assistance

If you can do any or all of the above, please let me know ASAP.
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
10:18 pm
Media / news coverage?

One option for more publicity just occured to me - I could forward the info about the event to various local news media. The Daily Cal of course, but also perhaps more traditional types, like local newspapers or news-TV stations, etc.

I'll probably have to think about it a bit first. It has the potential to generate a lot more publicity than I'd be able to do on my own... though publicity that would not necessarily understand our viewpoint, be accurate about reporting it, or etc. And of course, there's the potential for excessive publicity - we don't want people to be 'crashing' the party after all.

So, hmm..... any comment?

9:51 pm
9:35 pm
Conference Planning: Next steps

The LCS should be an officially active student group within a week, so that part's done.

Next is funding. In order to do that, I need a projected budget for the conference - which means having some idea of how long it will be, how many speakers, how much it'd cost to get said speakers, cost of food, tech, etc. It doesn't have to be exact, but I need at least a ballpark line-item budget in order to apply for ASUC sponsorship / grants. And I'll need ASUC sponsorship in order to make a good pitch to businesses to help sponsor the event (e.g. it'd let us come under the ASUC umbrella as far as tax is concerned... which means sponsoring us would be a tax-deductible donation to a nonprofit).

There are about four ASUC grants I'll want to apply to - separate from the ASUC sponsorship.

$ cap from ASUC sponsorship is ~$200 this year; ~$1000 from the grants. I don't know if this could be doubled if, e.g., SLUGS decided to co-sponsor the event.

There's also the potential for departmental funding - it seems unlikely that I'll get much if any from Linguistics (though it'll be up to the new acting department chair, whom I've yet to talk to); I don't know yet about CogSci, but I've emailed the appropriate people about that, so we'll see how it goes.

Last but definitely not least as far as cash goes is businesses etc. I should be able to get donations of food, possibly gear, possibly even straight cash in return for 'presence' (e.g. an ad in the program flyer). Will need to look into that and figure out whom to talk to about it. It also raises the possibility of getting donations for a raffle or similar.

I should be able to get tech support (video recording, mics, maybe videoconferencing / webcast, etc) from the ETS people at Cal - though I don't know if they'd do it for free, or if I'd have to find funding for it. Not cheap, if they'll be charging us their 'regular' prices.

The room will be free - the OSL can give us space in the MLK building (including the Lipman Ballroom on the top floor, which'd be more than big enough for any size conference we could have - or smaller rooms elsewhere in it).

So, that's funding pragmatics.

The contingent point, of course, is figuring out who to have on as speakers, for how long, what breaks, what topics, etc. I've sent out calls for speakers (and some specific ones to some of the more well-known conlangers, and a couple non-conlangers who I think would have interesting things to say anyway). So far, I've not been doing any pre-filtering on how many people to ask - I figure I'll do that once I know who's available and what they would be interested in talking about (and how much it'd cost to get them here).

I've just sent out the call-for-speakers and pre-registration form to the lists I know, and asked the departmental people in CogSci and Linguistics at Cal to forward 'em to the full department-affiliates lists (faculty, students, alumni); we'll see what comes of that.

And lastly, I'll probably be tabling on Sproul at some point over the next couple weeks - both for the LCS / conference, and the DE-Cal (which, btw, is showing a nicely growing level of signups).

I think that's about it for now. Per usual, if anyone has suggestions, comments, or offers of aid - contact me.

Sunday, February 26th, 2006
9:50 pm
First Language Creation Conference: Registration
The First Language Creation Conference will be held Sunday, April 23rd 2006, from 9am to 5pm. It will be in the Tilden Room on the 5th floor of the Martin Luther King Student Union, at Telegraph Avenue & Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA. This is the tall building with a balcony directly adjacent to the intersection, on UC Berkeley campus.

There are several hotels within walking and bussing distance, and unregulated street parking is available about 15 minutes walk / 5 minutes bus ride away (past Telegraph & Alcatraz or University & California). Vegetarian food will be available, and the event is fully wheelchair-accessible.

Below is the updated registration form. If you are interested in coming to the conference, please email it to me at conlangs@saizai.com with the subject line: Conlangs Conference Registration

If you are interested in talking or participating in a panel, please email me ASAP. There is still space available.

There will be space available for freeform distribution of flyers, announcements, and the like; if you want to take advantage of this, please bring your own materials and let me know.

This will be posted to LJ Conlangs, ZBB, Brown's CONLANG, and LJ ucb_lcs. Please forward this to all other applicable lists or people.

For ME (information not to be released):
Your name(s)
Email (for mailing list)
Are you willing to volunteer (e.g., setup/takedown, gopher, flyering, registration, etc)
$ you can donate (requested door fee will be $5-25 as you are able, but noone turned away for lack of funds)
Organizations, universities, or businesses that might be willing to help sponsor the conference
If interested in ridesharing, your location
Adaptions or needs I should know about
Are you interested in buying a T-shirt?
Where did you hear about this conference?

For inclusion in the program (will be given to all attendees), for each person attending: (please answer exactly as you would like it to appear in the program)
Affiliation(s) / Organizations you are officially representing
Conlang(s) known / created / worked on:
Aspects of language creation you're interested in / 'school' of conlanging:
Website / email / contact info:
"Talk to me about..." / general blurb (freeform space, ~2 lines' worth):

If you're interested in participating as a speaker or panelist:
Topic title
Topic abstract (one paragraph)
One-paragraph 3rd-person bio

OPTIONAL but highly recommended:

You get 1-2 freeform 8.5"x11" pages PER PERSON ATTENDING, to use as you like. The intention is that you create a showoff page for your language(s) (eg Omniglot's style comes to mind). These will be printed as part of the program pamphlet, and given to all attendees.

This is basically a free-form thing - fill those 1-2 pages however you like. However, there are a couple restrictions:
* nothing offensive or anti-(insert other party/conlang/etc here)
* nothing overtly commercial (but you can eg point to your new book, or another con, or an open house, etc)
* nothing conglomerated / non-personal - e.g. not OK to have a few people band together to get extra space as a group. These are to be INDIVIDUAL expressions.

My idea is that these will be used to show off your language, or your philosophy, or other reasons why people should hunt you down and talk to you - without having to take time (and create the danger of a flamewar) in conference space per se. You can be partisan if you like, just not anti- (if you get the distinction).

I would prefer PDF, PNG or Word DOC format. Please leave a 1" margin on all sides. I will add your name and page number as a header, but any other content you must add yourself. If you specifically want to be in a particular layout (i.e. front/back side of a page vs left/right of a spread), let me know.

If you have any questions, email me.

Have fun with it.
Saturday, December 24th, 2005
1:00 am
1st Annual UCB Conlangs Convention - planning
So. I'd like to hold a con sometime this semester.

What needs to be planned:

* When?

It would need to be on a weekend of course - Saturday afternoon perhaps? The question is, which one between now and June - what would work best for the most people?

* Where?

The MLK Student Center is probably the best place, since the ASUC should be able to reserve us as much conference space as we might need for free (I think).

* What?

I'd say a pretty standard 'con format is in order: a succession of speakers on various topics, with breaks inbetween for people to talk and some time for food and such.

* Who?

This is obviously going to be based on just how big an interest / audience we can manage to draw. If this will be only Bay Area locals, then it'll probably be more of a big club meeting type event - in which case a better format would probably be to grab a bunch of space in a decent pizza joint for a few hours and be a bit more freeform. If we have bigger draw, that means more likelihood to get more (interesting) speakers. Which in turn means we can have a more structured format.

Need to make a list of who is a) local and b) potential to come even if not local, and what they might talk about.

* Costs?

Room fees, if any (probably not). Food and drink. Someone to do recording, and DV tapes for it. (I can get the equipment for free.) Possibly speaker fees - transport, lodging - if we have enough people and enough potential funds to merit paying someone to come talk.

I have no idea what that would total, but the ASUC probably has done this sort of thing before and can give us ballparks. Will probably be heavily dependent on number of attendees.

If possible, should make it free, minimal-fee, or sliding-scale to attend. Conlanging isn't exactly a profitable hobby after all...

SO: Do you have any answers to these questions? Interested in attending? In being a speaker (on what topic)? In helping to plan or carry this out? In spreading the word? Let me know.
12:58 am
LCS Constitution

This organization shall be known as the Language Creation Society (LCS).

ARTICLE II – Purpose.

The purpose of the LCS is to encourage and enable the creation, planning, discussion, design, implementation, and dissemination of intentionally created languages, and to support the Conlangs DE-Cal in doing the same.

ARTICLE III –Membership

LCS policy shall be to not restrict membership or discriminate on any basis whatsoever other than interest in constructed languages and ability/desire to participate in the LCS in a positive manner. Non-students may join as "non-active members".

Only currently registered students, faculty and staff may be active members in a registered student organization. Only active members may vote or hold office.

The LCS will not be involved in any violation of Berkeley, California or Federal law, including hazing.

ARTICLE IV - Officers/Elections

There shall be no officers nor elections held, nor any intra-group distinction between members other than Signatory status.

Any member may, if they wish, become a Signatory for the LCS, by filling out the OSL form & orientation online. Any decision or action the LCS makes must be agreed upon by the majority of Signatories, and this is the only LCS requirement to taking that decision/action; this agreement need not be in writing. With that agreement, any Signatory may carry out those decisions/actions.

Members, including Signatories, may be removed only if they are an active detriment to the LCS, by the agreement of a majority of Signatories.

ARTICLE V – Meetings

The LCS will meet on an ad hoc basis. Any decisions that require multiple members' input may be done via email or other communication.

Every meeting of the Conlangs DE-Cal will also be a de facto meeting of the LCS, for so long as the two continue to exist.

The LCS may arrange other meetings or events for members as desired.

ARTICLE VI - Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional amendments may be undertaken like any other decision by the LCS - i.e. Signatory majority.

In no event may the purpose or membership non-discrimination policy of the LCS be changed significantly.

All amendments, additions or deletions must be filed with the Office of Student Life, 102 Sproul Hall, and the ASUC Office of Student Affairs, 400 Eshleman Hall within one week of adoption.

ARTICLE VII – Dissolution

A 2/3 supermajority of Signatory votes may dissolve the LCS. Any funds remaining in the LCS will be returned to the contributors thereof. All unspent ASUC funds shall remain the property of ASUC.
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