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Language Creation Society @ UCB

... because Babel didn't do it well enough.

UC Berkeley Language Creation Society
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This is the official webpage of the Language Creation Society, a student group on the UC Berkeley campus*.

The purpose of the LCS is to encourage and enable the creation, planning, discussion, design, implementation, and dissemination of intentionally created languages, and to support the conlangs_decal in doing the same.

What this means in practical terms is club meetings to discuss conlanging, cash for the DE-Cal, and related activities as desired by members. I (saizai) am looking into holding a conlangs convention at Berkeley sometime this semester; that will depend on whether I can get enough funding, and whether there're enough interested people / speakers.

* For legal reasons, we have to point out that the LCS is in no way officially sponsored, endorsed, insured, or anything by UC or UCB (or anyone else for that matter). This is a student group, and funding (if we get any) comes from the ASUC.