Sai (saizai) wrote in ucb_lcs,

Status update

The LCS is now a fully registered & official student group (thanks to David Peterson & William McPherson).

I have submitted applications for two grants and ASUC sponsorship; it should take approx. two weeks to resolve both.

The "normal" limits are $500 per for grants and $200 for sponsorship - but these can be waived, and I intend to request that that happen. The grants and sponsorship come out of completely separate parts of the ASUC budget.

Once the ASUC sponsorship goes through, we should be able to begin pitching businesses in earnest (with nonprofit tax ID in hand etc).

I have an almost certain reservation for the Tilden Room on April 23rd (Sunday) - beautiful room, seats up to 100, on the roof of the MLK building. (See for pics and details.) It will probably cost some amount in building manager fees; not sure if that can be covered by a fee waiver, but I've added it to the budget anyway.

April 22nd (Saturday, Cal Day) will be more difficult. So far, I have asked the ASUC and Heller Lounge people whether I can get reservations, and both are fully booked. Other options are relatively limited and expensive (~$300-700/day), but I'm looking into it.

Parking on the 22nd is free 'cause it's Cal Day, but likely to be fairly hard to obtain ('cause it's Cal Day). Reserving spaces costs $8 per for either day, which makes it not really financially worthwhile from an organizational standpoint - especially since bus service is thorough, and one can park freely about a dozen blocks away and take the bus to campus (this is what I do almost every day).

That's about all for now. If anyone cannot make April 23rd but CAN make the 22nd, please let me know ASAP; at this point, I am planning on the 23rd being the one-day-only date, and adding the 22nd if the schedule can be expanded to a full two days.
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